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Dancer with Hoop

Chantal Frankenbach

Advisory Board

Sacramento, CA

Chantal Frankenbach is professor of music history at California State University, Sacramento. Frankenbach's research focuses on intersections of music and dance in the context of German nationalism. Her articles appear in The Journal of Musicology, The Journal of the Society for American Music, Dance Chronicle, and several book chapters. She recently received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities for her current book project titled Moving the National Body: Isadora Duncan and the German Public, 1902 – 1905, which investigates how the American modern dancer Isadora Duncan’s tremendous popularity in Germany was politicized by a broad spectrum of cultural critics to shape public opinion during Imperial Germany’s transition to National Socialism. Another current study investigates the African-American Cakewalk as it was satirized in the popular German press at the turn of the century.

Recent Writings:

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