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Dancer with Hoop

Elizabeth Bergman

Associate Editor

Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth June Bergman is a dancer, interdisciplinary scholar, and educator who researches the cultural history and production culture of the U.S. commercial dance industry. Elizabeth earned a Ph.D. from Temple University, where she was a University Fellow and an Associate Graduate Fellow in the Center for the Humanities at Temple. She also holds an MFA from The University of Iowa and teaching certificates in hatha yoga from James Miller and Rishikesh Yog Peeth. Her body of creative work includes improvisational performance, screendance, and scholarship on popular and commercial dance. Elizabeth has published in MN Artists, Dance Chronicle, and has contributed to the anthologies The Bloomsbury Companion for Dance Studies, edited by Sherril Dodds, and Dance in US Popular Culture, edited by Jennifer Atkins. She has taught a variety of movement and dance/cultural studies courses at The University of Iowa, Temple University, Bryn Mawr College, and Point Park University. Currently, she is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Theatre and Dance Department at Muhlenberg College and serves as chair for the Dance Studies Association’s Working Group for Popular, Social, and Vernacular Dance and for Pop Moves Americas, a node of the international research group for popular dance and performance.

Recent Writings:

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