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Dancer with Hoop

Michelle LaVigne

Associate Editor

Ithaca, NY

Michelle LaVigne, PhD. has taught communication classes across disciplines and programs for over 15 years, and currently teaches at Cornell University. Her classes focus on the ethics of academic, civic, and professional communication within the highly mediated, multimodal, and mutable context of the twenty-first century. Prof. LaVigne is committed to supporting students in becoming critical and ethical communicators as they navigate global problems and social challenges in their fields of study and career pathways. Toward that goal, she engages with inclusive pedagogies that offer flexible learning opportunities and promote community engagement. Prof. LaVigne has presented at national and international conferences and published reviews in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, TDR, Text and Performance Quarterly, Dance Chronicle, Dance Magazine, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. Her research transverses the areas of dance, rhetoric, and performance. She is particularly interested in using frameworks that examine the consequences of cultural, social, and political repetition within dance histories, dance bodies, and their archives. Most recently, Prof. LaVigne published a chapter, “Contemporary Repetitions: Rhetorical Potential and The Nutcracker” in The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet (2021), which examines the reworkings and performances of The Nutcracker to argue that its persistent circulation constrains contemporary ballet’s rhetorical potential by reaffirming the values of familiarity, comfort, and normativity.

Recent Writings:

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